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An efficient customer origination process is important to make your customer happy right at the time of their first engagement with your organization. This is especially true in Retail Banking. Customers who open a new Savings or Current Account or who enroll for a new credit card, are eager to get their new account opening welcome kit.

By truncating the time between initial documentation and the welcome kit, you can begin the customer’s journey with a happy smile.

By deploying a scanning based origination process, you can quickly send hand filled application forms and KYC documents to a centralized or semi-decentralized hub or spoke for back office processing, thereby eliminating time delays as well as risk of transit loss. This also ensure standardization of underwriting norms and processing methods, thereby enhancing customer service quality.

Shanco Infotech can help you design the right forms and advise on identification of critical fields in the forms, for error free and semi-automated data entry.

Scanning solutions can be deployed in a host of business areas in Banks for efficient working and to improve productivity.

These include:

• Trade Finance
• Bank Guarantee processing
• Account Servicing
• Loan Processing
• Audit and Controls
• Administrative documentation

Please avail of our Consulting Services to benefit from our vast experience in improving efficiency and delivering quick turnaround time for your customers.

We have over 100 man years of collective experience in leading IT companies - both on the product side as well as in services.
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