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Today’s organisations deal with challenges of rising cost of training human capital, compromise in the organisational processes because of competitive pressures and above all the changing face of technology.

Fortunately, innovative thinking has led to the concept of digital transformation. Digital transformation aims at the confluence of people, processes and technology. Harmonising these three elements for achieving organisational goals, is the biggest challenge for today's CIO.

Shanco Infotech aims to provide leading edge digitization technology coupled with high class technical expertise to be able to design optimized solutions to usher in digital transformation in your organization. We provide system study services which entail assessing your current environment, your business environment, your customer expectations and your cost structures. Based on this, we help in evolving the right kind of solution to be able to give value for money. Our consulting services are backed by over 100 man years of high caliber professional experience in the area of digitization. We have expertise in OMR technology, scanning technology, OCR technology and barcode reading. Using these we help you define and design the right kind of solution for your organization to ensure your goals for digital transformation are achieved.

We provide the following three categories of consulting services:-

• Study of your current business environment and your current IT environment
• Formulating the right alternative solutions and multiple options to choose from based on your business priorities
• Preparing the ultimate value proposition and business case for obtaining management mandate and backing for implementation

We have over 100 man years of collective experience in leading IT companies - both on the product side as well as in services.
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