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The field of education has grown beyond recognition in the past few decades. New disciplines have been identified and various degree courses are run by Universities for the benefit of students. Apart from this, even the number of students has multiplied manifold. The resultant impact is the workload on processing of examination results has multiplied.

By innovative use of OCR and OMR technologies in scanning solutions, educational institutions can very well manage the need for quick publication of results.

Shanco Infotech provides Consulting Services in the areas of designing answer sheets for efficient OCR and OMR processing. Besides, the critical need to identify the right paper quality, size of answer sheets and position of extraction zones helps to increase authenticity of results.

Please avail our Consulting Services to deliver efficient result processing solutions in your organization.

We have over 100 man years of collective experience in leading IT companies - both on the product side as well as in services.
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