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It is a well-known fact that most IT projects are short of success because of various challenges during the execution phase. The ability to foresee those challenges is the most important step for the IT team. Achieving the business objectives efficiently by right implementation strategies through an IT project is extremely critical — perhaps more critical than even the budgeting stage. This is because implementation requires participation of all stakeholders, planning and foreseeing the right IT interfacing solutions, and, most importantly, staying focused on the end objectives with which management mandate was obtained.

Shanco Infotech provides implementation services by way of ensuring that we identify your end goal in consultation with you right from the beginning of the implementation phase. We then make sure that a proper project plan is prepared — keeping in mind all associated challenges are factored. We ensure all stakeholders — be its suppliers, end users, top management or your end customers. The financial objectives of the organization are dovetailed into the right implementation strategy.

Most of the time, implementation services will be provided with a combination of on-site interviewing of stakeholders, assessing the existing IT environment and concluded by providing a blue book which will be like a reference manual during the entire lifecycle of implementation. Implementation services will be provided on per man day rate basis and these are chargeable separately beyond the supply of our products.

We have over 100 man years of collective experience in leading IT companies - both on the product side as well as in services.
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