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Insurance industry has witness manifold growth in recent years, leading to a big surge in New Business policies. This is true for life insurance as well as for general insurance.

The key differentiators relevant for customers to choose their insurance policy provider are and timely policy origination and/or renewals and prompt claims processing. These can be achieved by deploying scanning solutions in your organization coupled with a good core insurance platform.

Shanco Infotech has helped various insurance companies in designing the right scanning infrastructure to derive true benefits from core insurance package. We help design form layout, process planning and report structures. This ensures achieving a proper platform to deliver the right levels of back office processing results, which in turn give you a delighted customer.

Please avail our Consulting Services to achieve optimal leveraging of your core insurance package by interfacing the right scanning solutions in your organization.

We have over 100 man years of collective experience in leading IT companies - both on the product side as well as in services.
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