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Shanco Infotech Privacy and Policy.

Shanco Infotech Private Limited. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanco", "we" or "us") is committed to protect your personal data that you share with us. The following statement explains how we protect your personal data:

1. What Is Personal Data?

Personal data is any information which, in itself or tied with other information, could identify you as a specific individual and which may be contained in the information we collect by means set out in clause 2 below such as name, postal address, telephone number, email address, information related to the products or services which you purchased or used, returned questionnaire, any contacts, information related repairs or access logs of our websites.

2. How Shanco Collects Your Personal Data

We collect your personal data:

  • Through our websites.
  • By email, mail, telephone or other oral means.
  • By any other means.

  • 3. Who Will Your Personal Data Be Disclosed To?

    We will not, without your prior consent, disclose your personal data to third parties except

  • In a form or manner where the personal data is not identifiable as yours.
  • To our affiliated companies and business partners, who are bound by confidentiality obligations, to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose or when required by law.

  • 4. Compliance To Laws

    We will comply with the laws and the regulations provided for the protection of personal data and guidelines issued by government agencies of India and the industry associations.

    5. How Shanco Handles Your Personal Data

    To assure adequate level of personal data protection, we will maintain effective internal rules, have our assigned managers oversee the operations on your personal data and make our directors, employees and temporary staff aware of and abide by such rules.

    6. How Shanco Secures Your Personal Data

    We take the security of your personal data very seriously and will protect it from leakage, destruction or alteration, so that you can feel confident in the security of information you provide to us.

    7. Cookies

    During the course of your visit to our websites, we may place a small file called a cookie on your computer to make the browsing more convenient to you. Although your computer could be identified with a cookie, we will not, without prior notification, use cookies with other personal data to identify you. You can set your browser to reject cookies.

    8. Amendment to this Privacy Policy

    We may amend this Privacy Policy in accordance with the revision of the applicable laws or any other reasons.

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